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Parent Teachers Organization (PTO)

Parent Teachers Organization (PTO)

In Action

 Join the action and sign up to participate in one of our upcoming events.  For some fun: click here


We are parents, teachers, and students working together to build a healthy and happy school environment for all of our children.  We sponsor fun, family-oriented activities throughout the school year.  We sport balloon hats, smile with painted faces, zip on roller skates, dine in our  very own Italian Bistro, and even camp-out in the graveyard!  We are brave!


We also strive to serve our school and community in a hands-on way.

Fundraising. We help build our school and classroom libraries.  We help build our school treasury for student activities, too.  We sponsor what we call FUNdraisers—book fairs, spirit  wear sales, and dollar back programs.

Service. We also sponsor hands-on, outreach projects.  Our sweat equity benefits our school gardens and various community organizations.  We have served Cathedral Kitchen, Cherry Hill Food Pantry, Collingswood Manor, Alex’s Lemonade Stand, and many others.

Dues.  We fund our administrative operations with yearly dues of $25 from each family, and we make our dollars work hard.


We collaborate and work in teams across all grade levels to spread the joy of volunteerism.  We value perspectives and contributions from every parent, teacher, and student. Everyone needs and should have a say, right?


Join the action and sign up to participate in one of our upcoming events.  For some fun, click here