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Middle School Humanities: Elizabeth Yancey

Elizabeth Yancey

Tr. Elizabeth Yancey


  • St. Joseph's University, Philadelphia: Masters of Science in Education
  • Villanova University, Villanova PA: B.A. Geography/ Theology
  • University of Pennsylvania, Robert A. Fox Leadership Program: Certificate in Leadership

Teaching Experience:

  • St. Dominic School, Philadelphia, PA: 2 years
  • Little Flower Catholic School, PA: 2 years

Additional Skills & Experience:

  • Instructional Leader with experience in Retreats (student and faculty)
  • Alexander von Humboldt Medallion Award for Excellence in Geography
  • Alpha Epsilon Lambda Graduate Students Honor Society, Omega Chapter

Brief Bio:

Upon graduation from Villanova University, I volunteered for a year in Worcester, MA, teaching ESL and running afterschool programs.  Following my passions for education, travel, and learning about other cultures, I then taught English in the Republic of Georgia.  I learned to converse in the Georgian language, improved my Russian skills, and travelled throughout much of Georgia and nearby countries.  I also spent a summer in Slovenia and earned my CELTA certificate to teach ESL.  In 2013, I returned stateside to teach and earn my master’s degree.  I still spend summers travelling both within the US and overseas, and have visited 40 states and 30 countries.  I am also a certified rescue diver, and in addition to scuba diving, I love hiking, kayaking, and canoeing.

Class Parent:

Rachel McFadden


Class News:

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Homework calendar:

5th grade

6th grade