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Middle School Humanities: Emily Southerton

Tr. Emily (Southerton)


  • Villanova University: Presidential Scholar, BA in Global Interdisciplinary Studies; Concentration in Arab and Islamic Studies; Minor in English
  • Graduate Honors: Commencement Speaker, Class Poet, Magna Cum Laude
  • Connelly-Delouvrier International Scholar: Study Abroad & Field Research in Amman, Jordan
  • Teaching Certification: English Language Arts & K-12 Music

Teaching Experience:

  • Jackson Public Schools: English Language Arts and Choral Music Teacher, Urban Garden Elective Advisor
  • Teach for America Staff: National Program Developer; Student Storytelling Specialist; Web Development
  • The Poet Warriors Project: Creator, Director, National Arts Education Initiative, publishing historically underrepresented student writers from over 60 cities across the country at

Additional Experience & Skills:

  • Publications: In Poetry, Non-fiction, Editorial, Photography, Graphic Design, Podcasting, and Music
  • Conference Speaker: University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education; National Conference for Educators; National Conference of Undergraduate Research
  • Villanova Law Center for Law, Entrepreneurship & Education: Asylum Law Research Intern
  • Harrington & Associates: Law Intern

Brief Bio:

As the daughter of two lifelong educators and sister to four more teachers, Emily demonstrates a passion for leading young people to make their communities and the world a better place.  She brings a unique and valuable educational background in global studies, specializing in Arabic and Middle East history and politics, including field experience in Amman, Jordan.  Emily has also created and directed a successful national arts education initiative that has been adopted by public schools in over 60 cities, towns, and Native American reservations across the nation. The Poet Warriors Project publishes and amplifies thousands of historically underrepresented students who write for change.  As noted above, Emily is also a published writer, poet, photographer, and NY Times reviewed musician. She loves to spend her free time outdoors kayaking, biking, and hiking our National Parks.


Class Parent:

Asma Badar



Class News:

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