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Application Process

The admissions process typically begins with a tour of the school. Parents may visit during one of our Open House dates, stop by for a Tuesday Tour or call the Admissions Office to schedule a tour. A tour will provide an opportunity to learn about the many aspects of the school community. Curriculum, philosophy, community service, and special subject areas are just a few of the topics discussed during a visit to Haddonfield Friends School.

To initiate the formal application process, parents submit the application form and fee. When the application packet is complete, the school will contact parents to schedule a date for the prospective student to visit.

To receive a phone call from a member of our enrollment team please complete the online inquiry form.

A visitation allows staff to observe, assess and recommend appropriate placement. Shortly after a prospective student visits, the student's application is brought before the Admissions Committee for consideration. Within two to three weeks after the visit, families are notified by phone and in writing of the school's decision.

Applicants for PreK and Kindergarten are placed according to their developmental and behavioral readiness rather than at a set chronological age. Applicants for all other grades are placed according to their academic and behavioral readiness. The goal of the school's admissions screening is to place all children in the class where they will be most successful academically, socially and emotionally.

Haddonfield Friends School will admit and place any child who through the testing and interview process demonstrates the potential to succeed in our program. 

Haddonfield Friends School admits students without regard to race, color, religion, and national or ethnic origin.