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Early Childhood Center

We believe that all young children learn through social interaction and play. We also believe that when children feel safe and connected to their teachers, there is no limit to learning. Through play children learn the skills they will need for life—problem-solving and resolving differences using words, developing friendships, and working cooperatively with one another. Through both one-on-one and group interaction and continual modeling, we help children develop the social skills to express their needs and feelings constructively and experience a growing self-confidence as they learn. As educators (and human beings), we know that self-confidence promotes positive self-esteem and is the most critical component to success; in essence, confidence uplifts!

Academically, teachers both provide and seek those auspicious moments to perpetuate that natural curiosity within children—the catalyst that prompts their questions, ignites their passion to explore and discover, and sets the stage for both their lower and middle school experiences. The ECC curriculum is enriched with special field trips, artists-in-residence, and once-a-month participation in all-school Meeting for Worship, which our little ones enjoy with their older "buddies." The children emerge from their Early Childhood years at Haddonfield Friends School fully ready to continue their educational journey as learners.

Curriculum: Swallowtails, Skippers, Monarchs  Special Subjects (Library, Spanish, Music, Physical Education)