About HFS

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Why We Love HFS

"We are really close to the teachers, we feel comfortable going to them and they mentor us. They're there for us."
~ Christian

"I like the small classes and the small school feel. It's really nice."
~ Evelyn

"HFS is a very friendly, comfortable place — like home."
~ Italia

"The kids are so close, we’re all friends, like one big family. We respect everyone's heritage."
~ Mitch

"In classes, sometimes we get off topic, but the teachers can use those times to teach us too. We learn even then, it's a win- win."
~ Jon

"I love the field trips. We have had some great trips. I remember how much fun the stream stomp was in second grade. I also like the way teachers here adjust to how we learn. They change — so we are able to understand."
~ Tyler

"I like that we give gifts and other things to the needy. We also do acts of kindness for each other."
~ Larry

"HFS has many good service projects like the mitten tree, and our newest project, the food pantry in Cherry Hill. We look forward to donating, and helping sort and put the canned goods onto the shelves. Later when each person comes into the pantry they will receive four bags of food."
~ Steven

"Here — it is all about connections, student to student, and student to teacher. We all value those relationships and it stays with us. It is cool to see how connected the alums are to the school and the strength of those feelings about HFS. We love it when our friends come back for an HFS visit. It makes them feel better about whatever other things are going on in their lives."
~ Mackenzie

"I like the feeling of being in a small community, no one gets left out."
~ Miskiyat

"I like that there are no cliques, no popular groups, we're all inclusive — all connected."
~ Drew

"HFS is a friendly, comfortable, environment. If you come into class and you’re sad, someone will ALWAYS come over to check on you to see what's wrong and to see if they can help. That is a good feeling!"
~ Jessica