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Strategic Plan 2012-17

Click here for the Strategic Plan.

September 5, 2012, marked not only day one of the new HFS school year, but also the beginning of our newly created Five-year Strategic Plan. Guided by seasoned consultant and long-time friend Ginny Christensen, the community collaborated for many months.  In fall 2011, trustees led community Focus Groups to explore current perceptions of the school, as well as its strengths and needs. These groups were comprised of parents; students; alums/alum families; grandparents; Meeting members; friends and local community leaders.

Based on the information gleaned from the community, six Task Forces emerged, each composed of HFS trustees; faculty and staff; heads and faculty from other Friends schools; and corporate professionals including architects, plant managers, and experts in finance, marketing and development.

Together we identified and created our goals and action steps to ensure the school’s continued growth and sustainability. What appears on our website is but a glimpse our accomplishments and goals. Six ad hoc committees have been formed to oversee the unfolding of the Plan as we move into our future with great anticipation and excitement!

We’re all about educating and nurturing confident kids—for yet another 225 years! For clearly, confidence uplifts!