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About HFS

Welcome to our Haddonfield Friends School website. Having served as Head of School since 2007, I can say with certainty that HFS has become my extended family, a truly comforting thought. In that same spirit of community, I’ve been reflecting on what makes HFS such an extraordinary home away from home (for the better part of the day) for children. After visiting our school for the first time, new HFS trustee Jack Horner remarked, “I find the students here so confident, so self-assured and articulate. There is something uplifting about that confidence that speaks to the way HFS students learn and develop.” Out of Jack’s observation emerged our trademark phrase, confidence uplifts! As you continue to explore our pages, you will find embedded in every aspect of school life the essence, or spirit, if you will, of confident kids who take responsibility for their learning and thrive in the very exciting atmosphere they help to create. The following is my attempt to capture and articulate at least something of that spirit:      

We believe that the best education is one that inspires within children an insatiable curiosity to learn. At HFS, the Quaker testimonies of simplicity, peace, integrity, community, equality and stewardship (SPICES) are woven into every aspect of school life; they are all by both logic and necessity integral to our academic studies—humanities (history, literature and writing), science, geography, math, social development and conflict resolution. We implement a curriculum that is progressive, timely and relevant to today’s world. We encourage our students to wonder and explore, ask challenging questions, and discover—to become independent learners and thinkers. We provide effective tools for students to respond compassionately and thoughtfully in a non-violent manner to one another and the world in which they live—to be peaceful, creative problem-solvers. We seek opportunities to serve others and tend the environment in the context of community/global outreach and daily practice—to be good stewards of relationships, resources, and the planet.      

Upon completion of middle school, our graduates consistently astound the HFS community, not only with their profound personal reflections of their school experiences, but with their articulate exposition, distinct self-confidence and unshakable conviction that they can and will make a difference in the world. (Judging from the testimonies of alum parents, they are doing just that!)        

We invite you to become acquainted with Haddonfield Friends School as we fulfill our mission to empower students to achieve their personal best and live their lives with conscience, integrity and compassion.      

Feel free to join us for our ongoing Tuesday morning tours—no appointment required!   

Warm regards,
Sharon Dreese
Head of School